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Covid Vaccine Trial - Second Visit

June 28, 2020

See my previous post for more details

The evening of my previous appointment I got the antibody blood test back through the hospital’s website. It was negative, so I was good to proceed with the trial.

I got a call a couple of days later asking me to come in the same day to receive the vaccine (or placebo).

Going in, the hospital was much the same as before. Quickly rushed into a room and spoke to a doctor about the trial. They just ran over some of the same consent details from the previous visit.

A nurse then gave me an enormous pack of resources:

  • A thermometer
  • Four COVID swab tests which I was to do weekly
  • Copy of the study consent form
  • List of expected symptoms from the vaccine
  • Wallet card with instructions on who to call in an emergency.

I then waited for a while, so that another overworked nurse could come and draw some blood - this was less efficient than the previous day, possibly because they were coaxing more blood out of my arm.

After another wait, another two nurses came to administer the vaccine itself. Was a quick shot into the upper arm, no real pain. After 15 minutes waiting to watch for allergic reactions, I could leave.


I was told to expect some symptoms from the vaccine (a fever and muscle aches) but I basically didn’t get any. They asked me to take paracetamol to control the fever but I only took a little straight after the injection, and then none in the days after. I was a bit tired the day afterward but that could easily be a placebo. As of a couple of days afterwards, a small bruise at the injection site has developed. I am slightly concerned they haven’t sent a questionnaire to record the immediate symptoms.

Other than that, I’m still socially distancing as normal.